Harvard Professor Noel Ignatiev

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BBC Diversity and “inclusion”

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Essex Police

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Civil Service FastStream

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Our young deserve a future

Young people are being victimised, their opportunities stolen, and artificial barriers erected preventing them from forming productive, self-sufficient, wholesome families.

The rape gang epidemic, and continued failure by authorities is simply one symptom of a much greater problem.

It’s time to fight for our young, and their rights to the fruits of the civilisation laid out by their parents and grandparents.

The first step is to know who wants to subdue you and who is working against you and your children.

How to respond

Writing to, and complaining to organisations and individuals featured here is not effective use of time. Instead, talk to your friends and family about the issues. Share the web site. Join and support truly patriotic organisations. Talk about the issues on social media.

UK parties such as Labour, LibDems, Conservatives and Greens do not deserve your vote. The same is true for Democrats and many Republicans in the USA. They consistently push for anti-white policies. Instead, vote for patriotic alternatives.